Our First Trip to Disney World During Fall Break 2017

Our First Trip to Disney World During Fall Break 2017

Spending one week in the happiest place on earth taught this mom of 3 a few things. In order to survive a full day (I’m talking open to close) at any of the Disney resort parks…I needed to have some essentials. These basics needed to be strapped to my body because I apparently am the pack mule of the family! “Mom, can you hold this for me?” Ugh! So, let me share with you my must haves.

Start by packing a water-resistant or insulated back pack for the day. It needs to be easy to carry and okay if it gets wet. Here is what I included in mine:

  1. My ID, cash, hotel key, and Disney resort cards in a Ziploc bag (we stayed at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort which uses cards vs a MagicBand). You will need to have quick and easy access to this small bag all day. I made sure I could also fit my iPhone in it for water rides (better safe than sorry). Tip: using a lanyard is great for quick access to your cards especially with Fast Passes. This isn’t necessary with MagicBands.
  2. Pack healthy snacks. My youngest has severe food allergies, so this was a must for us. Make them light in weight (i.e. clementine, cereal baggies, crackers, trail mix, etc). You don’t want to weigh down your bag. Having snacks is a lifesaver unless you want to pay $2.25 for a banana (that’s for 1 banana!!!)
  3. Fill a large insulated water bottle with ice water. I love the insulated stainless steel bottles and yes, my whole family drank out of it. But it helps when you’re standing in line and it’s hot. Not to mention a bottle of water is $3. It never fails if we spend the $3 per person to have water, my kids will only drank half and want me to hold their water bottle. No thanks on holding, 5 half full bottles of water.
  4. Have a new small pack of wet wipes for each day. I say small because the larger packs can get heavy. This was a must because my children touched absolutely everything. Everything! I can’t even let my mind think about all the hands and germs floating around! Hand sanitizer is great on your key chain too.
  5. Last, but definitely not least are my essential oils. Hear me out. I realize not everyone knows about or uses essential oils but these were a complete game changer for us. I only took 4 in my bag (I tell you in detail about them below), but they are the Swiss Army Knife of oils. My hubby calls them my voodoo, but he swears by them now. As a dietitian and mom, I first researched and began using essential oils because we needed natural and safe options with my youngest when dealing with his food allergies.

Disney is a definite stimulation of the senses! So much to see, ride, and do, but at some point there is an overload. I’ve never seen so many meltdowns in one place! Adults and children and yes, we were included in this. It’s really the perfect storm of overstimulation, exhaustion, digestive issues, heat, sweat, long lines, tired feet, and even stress. How do people go to Disney World without my 4 secret weapons? I had these essential oils with me every day at every park!  Here they are and what I used them for:

  • Peppermint Essential Oil - I put one drop of this in my stainless steel water bottle (I only recommend consuming dōTerra®  as it is certified pure therapeutic grade) and drank it all day because it keeps my tummy happy (eating at a theme park is a challenge). I put one drop on the back of my neck to naturally cool the body (it was 90 degrees in FL last week). My hubby used it for head discomfort and my daughter needed it for muscle aches in her back after a rough roller coaster ride. Lastly, I’m so glad I had it for motion sickness that came from riding the Pandora- The World of Avatar ride. We stood in line 95 minutes for this amazing ride at Animal Kingdom (which was short as it had been 240 minutes), but wow...I about barfed.
  • Zestful Blend (my own mix of dōTerra Balance®  and dōTerra Wild Orange with fractionated coconut oil)- I used this for the meltdowns we ALL had. You know what I’m talking about. I swear if I hear “he’s touching me” or “she took my place” one more time...I know I said it 500 times “keep your hands to yourself”. This helps with kid and mommy-meltdowns. We also have those hangry meltdown moments. If myself or my kids go too long without eating we literally turn into the Beast with no Beauty. It’s not pretty. My sweet husband thought us winging it for meals one day was a good idea. It wasn’t. Tip: plan all your meals and reservations ahead of time. Trust me on this one.
  • DigestZen - an ABSOLUTE must have. Most people eat very differently when they travel and that is to be expected. This can easily cause some unhappy tummies. Gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea or even nausea and vomiting. You need to have this essential oil! It’s shocking how fast it works. We rolled it on every belly after every meal to support our digestive systems. As much as I loved Disney...I didn’t love the food options. The very thought of another fried food item even now makes me cringe. Not to mention $10 for 4 nuggets and fries is ridiculous. Eating healthy and finding allergy friendly foods was a chore. However, if you plan and do your research, Disney goes above and beyond on taking food allergies very seriously and helping you find what you need. All that said, please trust me when I say DigestZen kept us all pooping regularly and with happy bellies. It’s amazing!
  • Lavender - Think all things calming. It’s wonderful to support moods. We like to pair it with peppermint for extra comfort from head and muscle aches. I rolled it on my feet every evening to help with aching feet from standing in line and walking. Clay used it on his itchy bug bites. It’s also perfect when you get tight skin from a little too much sunshine while standing in line. Lastly, when it’s time to unwind from the day and just rest…roll on feet or wrists or your pillow…ahhhh…sweet rest.

All things considered, we had a safe, and fun trip to Disney World. We did absolutely everything we set out to do and rode every available ride. Memories were made and my kids had a blast! It’s safe to say, we survived Disney. That should be on a t-shirt. Now to plan a vacation for mom and dad (no children please).