Our August 2017 Box Unwrapped

Unwrap over $110 worth of wellness products. We have sold out of our August subscription box! If you are interested in future products, please contact me directly. 

Be Relaxed

Lavender Eye Pillow / 1 pillow $19.00
This pillow is made of cotton fabric and filled with dried organic lavender buds and organic flax seeds.
Zestful Living: Lay down, place the pillow over your eyes, breathe slowly and relax. Use it cold (put it in the freezer in a Ziploc bag for an hour before) or warm it in microwave for 20-30 sec (please check that it is not too hot before using).

Be Balanced

Himalayan Salt Pendant / 1 necklace $7.77
Himalayan Salt pendant on 18" silver plated chain to help create balance and support metabolism function.
Zestful Living: Since it’s not practical to carry your Himalayan salt lamp with you, try wearing a salt necklace wherever you go to help purify the air around you, eliminate headaches or simply start a conversation!

Be Prepared

Black and White Zestful Bag / 1 bag $8
Black and white stripes with gold glitter Zestful imprint make this Kate Spade inspired bag pop!
Zestful Living: My favorite colors (black and white) for you to carry around those essentials…simply throw it in your purse or carry it on its own!

Be Bug-Free

Bug off dōTERRA Essential Oils Blend / 2 oz spray bottle $15
This blend was made for you by Be Zestful! With a base of Terra Shield, Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Purify, you can safely keep bugs at bay.
Zestful Living: Generously spray on skin and clothing to naturally protect against those pesky critters while enjoying your summer days. Visit www.bezestful.com to learn more about essential oils.

Be Real

Bruks Bars / 12 ct box $29.99
Getting real about real foods with this hand crafted bar that is savory with a touch of sweet and chock full of nutty good-ness.
Zestful Living: Enjoy this snack bar made from real, whole food ingredients for breakfast or snack time.

Be Quenched

Piper and Leaf Artisan Tea Co / 15 ct box $14.99
Gourmet teas blended with local ingredients from local farmers to provide delicious, fresh peaches, apples, beets, figs, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and herbs making them vibrant and refreshing!
Zestful Living: Sip these divine tea blends iced on a steamy summer night or hot on a long winter evening.

Be Diffusing

Put on Love Designs Diffuser Bracelet / 1 bracelet $11
This diffusing bracelet is hand braided from natural faux suede. This unique material can be used as a natural diffuser, holding the scent of essential oils and releasing them slowly.
Zestful Living: Simply add a drop of your favorite oil to the leather and you will enjoy the benefits for hours or even days. The entire bracelet can act like a diffuser or you can just add the oils on the tassel.

Be Essential

dōTerra Single 5mL Travel Size Essential Oil / 4 pack $44
The Travel Kit consists of Lavender, Wild Orange, Peppermint, and AromaTouch and is ideal for long car rides and vacations.  
Zestful Living: Be prepared with your dōTERRA essential oil or blends. The 5mL is the perfect size for taking with you and using all day on your new diffuser bracelet.

Be Poractive

On Guard Protecting Drops/PB Assist Jr Samples / trial items
On Guard drops support a healthy immune system. PB Assist Jr is a powdered probiotic supplement designed for children or adults who have trouble swallowing pills. It includes 5 billion live cells of a unique blend of six different probiotic strains.
Zestful Living: Pour this tasty Strawberry Melon probiotic straight into your mouth for a burst of flavor and your daily probiotic. Pop these On Guard drops any time you feel that cough/tickle begin in your throat or when you want to boost your immune system!

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