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tangerine orange lunchskin sandwich bag

Be Environmental Tangerine Orange Sandwich Bag / $7.99

A great way to replace everyday plastic with smart, sustainable solutions that are easy to use and accessible to everyone.

Zestful Living: Replace 500 plastic bags in its lifetime with this dishwasher-safe, certified food safe, and toxin free, lunchskin bag for your lunch on the go. 

Inspiration: As a health conscious mom who packs three lunches every school day for my kids, I found this sandwich bag fun and practical. I could pick 3 different designs, one for each kid, and encourage them to not only pack their own lunch but help the environment too. 


green dot mini bag

Be Green Green Dot Mini Zip Bag / $5.99

A perfect bag for those tiny things you need to keep handy.

Zestful Living: Snap this mini bag to your bag, backpack, etc to have secure but easy access to travel accessories, keys, chapstick or a quick snack.

Inspiration: We are always on the go and constantly grabbing a bag, backpack, sports bag, etc. This mini zip bag was great to have already snapped on and filled with whatever essential was needed for that event. When I’m headed to a soccer game, I don’t want to carry the soccer bag, cooler bag, and my purse. This mini zip bag allows me to have my essentials zipped up, snapped on and ready to go!


Bobo's Original Oat Bar

Be Original Bobo’s Original Oat Bar / 12 pk $35.88

Beryl Stafford and her daughter “Bobo” baked oat bars that soon became a Boulder, CO cafe favorite.

Zestful Living: Grab this oat bar with it’s original recipe for a healthy breakfast or pair it with some chai tea for an afternoon retreat.

Inspiration: We lived in Colorado for nearly 3 years and this was where I first discovered Bobo’s Oat bars. I loved to go to Whole Foods in Boulder and just browse. This bar immediately caught my attention and became a staple at our house. Having a healthy option that tasted good, my kids loved, and I could keep in my bag, made it an all around perfect bar for us.  


ZAQ Tour Diffuser

Be Tranquil ZAQ Tour Diffuser / $39.99

Tour is a travel friendly aromatherapy diffuser that transforms the interior of your car, your kitchen, living room or reading area, into a tranquil space.

Zestful Living: Provide a calm atmosphere or increased alertness in any room or even the car with this diffuser (fits in your vehicle’s cup holder).

Inspiration: I love diffusing essential oils. I own several diffusers, but I got to thinking how much I would love to have one in my car. With car pool and after school activities, being in the car occupies a big part of my day. Finding the ZAQ Tour diffuser that easily fit into my cup holder was perfect. It’s also a great size to travel with or use in a smaller room at your house. 


doTERRA Samples

Be Aromatic dōTERRA Samples / Trio or Blend Pack 10 pk / $22

dōTERRA® CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils are powerful, natural, aromatic compounds carefully distilled from plants. The samples include Peppermint, Melaleuca, Lavender, OnGuard, Breathe, and DigestZen. www.mydoterra.com/bezestful to order retail or wholesale.

Zestful Living: Diffuse these essential oils (2-3 drops in your ZAQ) for their supportive and therapeutic benefits.

Inspiration: Sharing my love for essential oils comes naturally to me. Not because I want to bother people, but because I’ve seen first-hand their benefits for myself and my family. These sample sizes are great to pair with the diffuser since you only need a couple of drops. My absolute go to this time of year is Breathe and On Guard. Boosting our immune systems and supporting our respiratory health during cold season is a must. 


Honeyverse Lace Tags

Be Motivated Honeyverse Lace Tags / Single or pair / $8-$16

A hand scraped tag for anyone needing motivation or encouragement for enduring the last mile.

Zestful Living: Tie on this tag and get going with Hebrews 12.1: run with endurance the race marked out before you.

Inspiration: After completing my first half-marathon a few years ago, this reference really hit home with me. It takes daily motivation and encouragement to train not only for a race but to accomplish all the things that we put on our to-do lists. I remember vividly wanting to stop and rest around mile 10, but I knew if my muscles stopped moving then I would physically be done. It was just as challenging mentally as it was physically. Finding this shoe tag with this verse made me think about how hard running that half was but how glad I was that I had endured and finished the race.


Pure Barre Westhaven

Be Zestful Bonus Pure Barre Westhaven / $69

Try 3 classes FREE! Get a full-body, high intensity, low impact workout in just one hour. Pure Barre focuses on strong bodies, minds, and community here at the Westhaven Franklin studio.

Zestful Living: Visit http://purebarre.com/tn-westhaven/ to learn more about the Pure Barre workout, studio, and community.

Inspiration: After meeting the owner of Pure Barre Westhaven, Jessica Lewis, I knew I wanted to encourage others to meet her and try a workout. The Pure Barre workout is one of the best full body workouts I have ever done. Ever muscle in my body was sore, but in a good way! What a great way to get fit and enjoy working out with others.



Firearms & Self-Defense Academy, LLC

Be Zestful Bonus Firearms & Self-Defense Academy, LLC

Receive 50% savings on the Home Security and Invasion Defense Seminar offered by Firearms & Self-Defense Academy, LLC. Check course schedule at www.FSDAcademyLLC.com.

Zestful Living: The single most important step toward ensuring your own safety is to have a personal safety strategy in place before you need it.

Inspiration: I truly believe that wellness includes taking care of yourself and your family in all aspects. As my daughter is getting older, the concept of self-defense has really been of interest and concern for me as I teach her to be aware of her surroundings. Having a plan empowers you! 



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